Yeti LoadOut Bucket – How Much?!

We all know that Yeti makes amazing products, but what about the Yeti Loadout Bucket?

Yeti LoadOutI’m sitting here at my desk watching videos from ICAST 2017 of the 5 Gallon Yeti Loadout Bucket with sarcasm dripping off my fingertips. I know it’s a Yeti, and I love their coolers as much as anyone, but a bucket? How do you improve on a bucket? Maybe a better handle?

Before I let the sarcasm roll, let’s give this thing a fair shot. At its current price point maybe they have really made some drastic improvements.

What I like about the Yeti LoadOut Bucket

  • It is made from a high-density polyethylene which means it meets the durability standards that we expect from Yeti.
  • The overall look – If I am having a party on my boat or by the pool I don’t want a tacky Home Depot Bucket sitting out on the deck.  This thing has the look that we expect from Yeti, and that is the look of quality.
  • Food Safe – I suppose you might need to haul 5 gallons of refried beans over to the family BBQ. (Don’t forget the Gas-X)
  • Features a heavy duty carrying strap and handle that is designed for comfort.
  • Weight Capacity – This 5-gallon bucket has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. For reference, if you filled it with cement, it would weigh 94.8 pounds.
  • It is specifically designed not to vapor lock when multiple buckets are stacked together.
  • The bottom of the bucket features a “barefoot grip” which is essentially a rubberized ring that helps it stay put on the deck of a boat.
  • Multiple accessories are available (such as a “tool belt”) which make it ideal for carrying all manner of fishing gear.

Yeti Loadout

What concerns me about the Yeti LoadOut Bucket

  • Yeti promotes it as a “food safe” plastic but doesn’t mention anything about its ability to keep food at temperature. “Food safe” implies that the food is coming in direct contact with the bucket…not in its own packet.  What food could you possibly pour into this bucket that wouldn’t need to be kept warm or cold? If you just need something to keep the beer cold, why wouldn’t you get one of their Tank Bucket Coolers?
  • The Price Point. I have a hard time believing that the average person is going to pay that much for a 5 gallon bucket that doesn’t even come with a lid (sold separately). I know it will hold 300 pounds. But that raises the question of who is going to be able to pick up a bucket weighing half that.

So, I have one simple question for you. Do you think the Yeti LoadOut Bucket is worth $39.99 or would you just buy one from Academy for $5.00?

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