A new way to use the YakAttack Park-N-Pole

Using your Park-N-Pole to free a stuck anchor

Park-N-PoleThe last time I was river fishing the “chased by a copperhead” event happened (below). On top of that,  I kept having a problem with my claw anchor getting hung on tree roots. At one point I spent no less than twenty minutes trying to get my anchor unstuck from about 7ft deep. When I built my anchor system, I used the zip tie method which is supposed to break away when enough pressure is applied, which allows the claws to fold in. That, in turn, should allow the anchor to free itself from the obstruction.

Apparently the zip tie that I used was too thick and didn’t want to break no matter how hard I pulled. I could have just cut the rope and have been on my way, but I didn’t want to go through the hassle of buying a new anchor and rope. I was determined to get my anchor back. That’s where the Park-N-Pole comes in.

When I first got into kayaking, I purchased the 8ft version, but honestly, it rarely gets used even though I normally have it on my yak. On that day I figured out a great use for it.

The hole in the Park-N-Pole

There happens to be a hole in the handle that is large enough to get a rope through. Seeing this, I had an idea. I untied my anchor rope from the winder and ran the end of the rope through the hole. I then pulled all of the excess rope through it until the rope was tight against the anchor. That enabled me to simply push the Park-n-Pole down towards my anchor while the rope guided it straight to the anchor.  After that, I just kept yanking on the rope and pushing the pole to try and jar the anchor lose. A few minutes later it came free.

If you have one of these poles, keep my experience in mind should you find yourself in the same situation. Also if you are using a claw anchor, I suggest you use the zip-tie method. However, do yourself a favor and use a thin zip tie and try to actually break it free by hooking your anchor to a tree limb and give it a few good tugs. If you can’t break it free, try an even smaller zip tie. Don’t do like I did and try it for the first time while on the water. I actually cut into my hands with the rope and pulling/yank on the rope for so long.

Learn from my experience to make life easier for yourself.

Russ Erbe
River Ratz

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