Donkey Rig – Bass fishing the Super Fluke Jr

Best Bass Fishing rig you’ve never heard of.

Super Fluke, Super fluke jr, how to catch bass, donkey rig, how to fish for bass, double fluke rigNew to bass fishing? Maybe you’re an experienced angler and are looking for something new. There is a rig out there that consistently catches bass, and occasionally produces double hookups. It’s easy to fish, and cheap to set up. In fact, you probably already have a pair of Super Fluke Jr in your tackle box. What’s the name of the rig?

The Donkey Rig!

Also called the Double Fluke Rig, this setup features a pair of weightless flukes that dart and “knuckleball” through the water. If you’d like to see it in action, we’ve got some great footage in the video below.

One of the reasons this rig is so addictive is that it is known for producing double hookups. This is partly due to the fact that there are two [amazon_textlink asin=’B0001BS0X2′ text=’Super Flukes Jr’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’river0d-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’b96cb70a-5835-11e7-9dd5-5dad240ac1cd’] on one line, but there another reason that you may not have thought of.

When a bass strikes one of the flukes, usually the one trailing behind, it causes the other one to “follow.” So, the bass strikes, you set the hook…the bass fights and tries to get away…the whole time, the second fluke is “following” or “chasing” the bass. This excited, panicked fleeing action gets the attention of the other bass in the area. We all know that a reaction strike is one of the best ways to catch bass, and this….is one of the best reaction strikes out there.

Super Fluke Jr Donkey Rig – How to set it up.

What do you need to set it up? Pretty simple.

  • 10 pound Mono or Floro line (depending how deep you want to fish)
  • Two 2/0 offset hooks
  • Two barrel swivels
  • Two Super Fluke Jr in the color of your choice.

We lay out exactly how to build this easy rig in the video below.


Aren’t sure what color fluke to choose? There are two simple rules to follow for any bass fishing trip.

  • Match the hatch. What color are the hatchlings you see on the side of the lake?
  • Light water, Light lure – Dark water Dark Lure.

The second rule is the one I follow most.

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Tight lines!

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