River Ratz is Calling Out Chad Hoover!

An open letter to Chad Hoover…

(Watch video first)


Dear Mr. Hoover,

When was the last time you had a good spanking? Never mind…I really don’t want to know.

Why do I ask? River Ratz is challenging you to a head to head tournament style weight loss competition. River Ratz and the local DFW guys against KBF and your local boys. We’re calling it the Big B’ass Weight-Loss Tournament.

I know you have that little fishing tournament you run, but this is going to be huge…the payout will likely be in the “ten’s” of dollars. (I know, right?!)

If you decide to accept the challenge, here is how it would work.

There are two aspects to this challenge. The local contest, and River Ratz Vs KBF

Local Contest (For both Tx and Tn)

  • You can have as many people on your local team as you want. I’m inviting everyone in DFW that would like to participate.
  • Everyone is welcome and encouraged to enter. Participants must be able to attend the Captains Meeting and the Final Weigh-in. If they cannot attend both meetings, they are welcome to “unofficially” participate, but will not be eligible for the payout or counted in the group total. 
  • $25.00 entry fee due at weigh in.
  • Captains Meeting the weekend of September 16th where everyone will weigh in. After that, hang out and have that last beer(s) with the other guys.
  • Final Weigh in is on November 18th. The top three individuals that lose the highest PERCENTAGE of their over all weight are the winners.
  • For the DFW group, both meetings will be held at Uncle Bucks in Grapevine next to Bass Pro. The KBF team should pick a similar restaurant or public meeting place that is as central to everyone as possible.
  • Please use the same scale for both weigh-ins.

Tournament Payout:

First Place – 50% of the pot
Second Place – 30% of the pot
Third Place – 20% of the pot.

River Ratz VS KBF

  • Because we don’t know how many will participate in each city, we are going to take a group average for both River Ratz and KBF.  The group that averages the highest number of pounds lost per person wins.
  • If a participant is unable to make it to the Final Weigh-In or drops out, they count as zero pounds lost, but still count as a participant.

I’ve joked around a lot in the video and this article but putting all that aside for a minute, I thought this would be a fun way to get healthy, have some friendly competition, and pull the local kayak groups tighter.

(Link to the Facebook Event Page)

To those in the area with Chad and I, assuming he accepts the challenge, we sincerely want you to jump in a be a part of it. Yes, it’s a competition, but that’s secondary to everything else.

The DFW “Captain’s Meeting” weigh in will be this Sunday from 1:00 to 2:30 at Uncle Bucks next to Bass Pro (Grapevine Tx). If you can’t make that time, but you would still like to participate, let’s plan a time to meet up this weekend.

Even if you aren’t going to participate in the competition, please come out and join us at the local restaurants for the Captains Meeting and the Final Weigh-in. It’s a great way to meet other kayakers and get to know the people you see on Facebook all the time.

Tight lines and skinny jeans!



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