Essential Kayak Tournament Gear

Thinking about getting into kayak tournaments? Here is your kayak tournament gear list.

Kayak Tournament Gear

Kayak Tournament Gear

The “Obvious” Kayak Tournament Gear:

I know it’s obvious, but it’s got to be said…You need a kayak and a paddle to compete in a kayak tournament. I’m going to assume you already have a kayak and paddle, but if not, I would suggest that you look at one of these three. All quality, and at 3 different price levels.

For a paddle, I would point you towards the Bending Branches Angler Series. These are my choice for paddles because they are well made, affordable, and adjustable. Being able to extend or shorten your paddle on the fly is very helpful if you own a kayak with a high/low seat.

The “Must Have” Kayak Tournament Gear:

With very few exceptions, all kayak tournaments require the following items.

A life jacket (also known as a PFD – Personal Flotation Device) is required before they will let you compete. Not only is a liability issue for them, but its also just common sense. Our pick for the best PFD on the market is the NRS Chinook. Other required equipment includes a Hawg Trough for measuring fish, a camera, and a sharpie (for writing the tournament I.D. on your hand)

The “Nice To have” Kayak Tournament Gear:

While the following items are not required by tournaments, they are certainly encouraged for a variety of reasons.

Those are our recommendations for your next fishing tournament, but we want to hear yours.

One Simple Question: What “Must have” items do you take with you when fishing a tournament?

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  1. Tracy lange says:

    A live is a must you never know when yp u will need it
    It is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it

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