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We have a lot of great companies in our hobby. Some listen to their customers, while many simply chase that dollar. I have had the privilege of representing a company (promotional staff) for the last year that not only seeks out their customers feed back but completely redesigned their LED kayak lights to accommodate the request.

Last year, I started working with Gunther and his team at Yak Lights field testing their products. While they offered a dozen or so accessories, they had two main products: the Ultra Heavy Duty LED Lights and the Spot Light with the red/green nav lights. The UHD Lights were somewhat rigid, very durable, and bright! (Still are) The spotlight had a nice weight to it, attached easily to the kayak (super-duper magnet), and featured something no one else in the industry offered… Red and Green Nav Lights.

I can hear what you’re thinking from here. “He’s on their promotional staff…of course he is going to say he likes them.” Honestly, I can understand why you would think that. I might think the same thing if the situation were reversed. But consider this. I waited a full year before doing a promotional video for them. It would have been very easy for me to return the lights and let the relationship quietly fade away if I didn’t believe in what they do. This is a quality product backed by a staff that cares.

Customer Feedback and a new line of Kayak Lights

Field testing for Yak Lights started a few months before officially joining up with them. When I received the product, it was obvious from the start that their kayak lights were unlike anything else on the market. The UHD lights are framed in an aluminum housing, which makes them more durable than any of their competitors. The problem was that the housing also meant that they weren’t overly flexible. That’s, not a big deal if you’re putting the lights in the middle of your kayak, but if you’re putting them on the bow or stern, it could pose some challenges. That was a concern brought up by more than one person on multiple occasions. The solution? Gunther and his team created a whole new line of kayak lights. These new lights allowed them to keep the aluminum operating board while offering a flexible light. If you’ve never been part of designing a product, you can’t imagine how big of an undertaking it can be to RE-design the same product. But they did, and the result was a highly durable, flexible, L.E.D. light with an aluminum operating board…the Flex Light.

The SpotLight was another instance where they reworked a product to accommodate the feed back they were receiving. The result was a spotlight featuring two U.V. Lights. Check out the video below to see how it played out.


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