I’m getting a spear for Kayak Camping!

spear for kayak campingDo you want to go Kayak Camping? Then you need one too!

What does a spear have anything to do with kayak fishing? Nothing, but it’s perfect for kayak camping!

A few years ago on my very first kayak camping trip, everyone set up camp for the night on a large sand bar across from a shallow spot in the river. I fished my way down to the campsite and ended up being the last one to arrive, which meant I had to set my tent up wherever there was an open spot. The only open spot was right on top of the trail where all the guys had walked up.

kayak camping

During the night, after most of us had crashed, a few of the guys started yelling loudly. Everyone jumps up to see what was going on. A herd of wild hog were crossing the river and headed right for my tent. Remember that trail where the guys beat the grass down from walking up to to the camp site? It was a GAME TRAIL!

How will you protect yourself

Back to the spear. I’m not a big fan of being out in the woods without some sort of force protection. There is a good chance I would have been in a bad situation that night if the guys hadn’t scared the hogs off. I don’t think that they would have targeted me, but who knows what they would have done being surprised with a tent on their normal path. It may have been nothing, or it could have gone very bad very fast.

I don’t like the idea of carrying a gun because there is a very real chance I could shoot one of my buddies. The adrenaline would be up and your aim would be way off. No Gun.

A Knife! No thanks…I have no desire to be that close to an angry while hog.

So, I’m thinking this spear is a great option.

It’s called the Schrade SCHSP1 Phantom Spear Double Edged Spear Point.

Stainless Steel Spear Point, double-edged, light weight shaft (2.62 pounds), 44.49 inches without the extension, and it even has some basic survival gear built into it. Being roughly 4 foot long, I think it would be easy to maneuver in the tent.

Let us know what you think! Leave your comments below.

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