Fishing Sunglasses on a budget

sunglasses for fishing

Great fishing sunglasses don’t have to break the bank!

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty rough on sunglasses, so spending a fortune on them isn’t really an option. Typically a good pair of fishing sunglasses will last me about a year before I beat them up so badly I can’t stand wearing them anymore. Father’s Day 2015 that changed.

The heavens parted. Sunlight streamed through the clouds. The angels descended and handed me what would become my favorite pair of Sunglasses  – FishGillz (Actually my wife got them for me for Father’s Day.)

Before we go too far into this let me say that I know there are better fishing sunglasses out there. This isn’t about suggesting the “best” pair. It’s about suggesting the best pair on a budget. Now that that’s out of the way…

sunglasses for fishing

Your next pair of fishing sunglasses

Believe it or not, the three things I get asked about most often are my kayak, my trailer, and my sunglasses. I would have thought the camera gear would have been top there, but its way down the list. I’ve been using the same pair of FishGillz for more than 2 years and I’m always quick to recommend these glasses when asked. They have held up to some very rough treatment over the years. In fact, last week, I dropped them on a gravel parking lot and kicked them about 5 feet. (Not intentionally). I knew when I picked them up that the lenses were going to be destroyed, but there wasn’t a scratch on them. And that’s not the first time something like that has happened.

Like most of the polarised lenses out there, they make a huge difference in what you can see under the surface. I took my 9-year-old son out in the kayak with me two weeks ago. He was amazed at all the fish he could see while wearing them. In fact, I didn’t get them back until the end of the trip, which meant I was wearing his $10.00 pair from the gas station (UGH!).

Here are my top three reasons why FishGillz are a great choice:

  1. The Polarised lenses make a huge difference in being able to see what’s in the water. They have also proven to be very scratch resistant. While all polarised lenses are going to aid you in seeing what’s below the surface, and a more expensive lens will certainly provide better “view,” the FishGillz are more than adequate for the typical fisherman.
  2. They float! I hate wearing those things you attach to the back of your sunglasses to make sure you don’t loose them. But, being around water as much as we are, you are going to drop your sunglasses in the water. The fact that the FishGillz float is a big deal.
  3. Fishing sunglasses on a budget – Anyone can afford them. Heck, a pair of cheap ones at Wal-mart is almost as expensive. The FishGillz line of sunglasses ranges from $25.00 to $50.00, putting them firmly within reach of any angler.

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