Bote Rover – How fast?!


The Bote Rover isn’t a game changer…it’s a whole new game!

Bote RoverTaking “Best in Show” at ICAST 2017 the Bote Rover is a breed all it’s own. A hybrid between a bass boat and an S.U.P, it is not only turning heads but snapping necks. So what makes the Rover worthy of such high praise?

The first thing you’ll notice when you see it is the 6hp Mercury outboard (sold separately), giving it an astonishing top speed of 16 miles an hour. I’ll grant you that 16mph in a car is torture, but on an oversized surfboard that is some serious speed.

Bote Rover – Paddle to Power 

Not only can she get you there faster, but she offers some serious stealth. One of the things we love as kayakers is the ability to sneak up on our prey in super shallow water. The Rover offers a draft depth of 3″, rivalling any kayak on the market (Motor trimmed up and 220lb load). And because of its light weight design, Deep-V nose, thick rails and a removeable fin system, it paddles easy and straight.

Bote Rover


One of the things that I love most about this “boat” is its simplicity. I tend to take everything with me when I fish, but there is something comforting about heading out with some tackle, your rods, and a beautiful boat.

Bote RoverThey have incorporated the Connexsup Plugs system for connecting all of the accessories. Bote describes it this way, “The system is made of ballistic strength reinforced injection molded polycarbonate and uses a universal base that hosts any number of attachments that allow you to fully customize your Rover and get the most out of your equipment.” 



Bote Rover

Bote Rover


If you decide this is the next boat for you, you’ll definitely want to pick up one of their “Grab Racks” which can be attached at three different points between mid-ship and the bow.

Product description from BOTE:



But there are a few things about it that I don’t love. 

  1. Relaxation – If you enjoy lounging while you fish (I’m looking at you catfishermen) then this probably isn’t the boat for you. Offering no real “seat,” but instead going the route of a traditional paddle board, the Rover is not made for comfort.
  2. The price point – A Hobie PA 12 is actually more affordable than the Rover. Then again, it isn’t really designed to compete with the Pro Angler…it’s designed to out-class them. But even so, dropping $3,500 on a “kayak” is out of many anglers comfort zone.
  3. Tournaments – I cannot imagine any kayak tournament allowing a “boat” with a 6hp motor on it to compete. If tournaments are your thing, this probably isn’t the boat for you.
  4. Anchor Systems – Being mostly fiberglass I wouldn’t be comfortable putting an anchor trolley on it. So, how does one position the boat when fishing? A micro pole on the back is always an option, but that doesn’t really allow you to “position” the boat as much as it allows you to anchor it.

One Simple Question: Would you trade in your kayak for a Rover?

Those are my thoughts on the Rover from Bote, what are yours? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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